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11/03/2020 Robin Hansen (NHM) Colours of the Natural History Museum’s Gem Collection
12/02/2020 Prof. David Norbury (Consultant Engineering Geologist) Triumphs and Disasters in Engineering Geology - Abstract  
08/01/2020 Dr Sandy Hetherington (Oxford) Getting to the root of roots - About - Abstract  
11/12/2019 Bob Maurer (HHGS) A new look at the forces responsible for Plate Tectonics Abstract
13/11/2019 Dr Simon Drake (Birkbeck) Discovery of a Paleocene meteoritic ejecta blanket on the Isle of Skye N W Scotland Abstract
09/10/2019 Dr Jonathan Turner (NDA) Geological disposal of radioactive waste in the UK



11/09/2019 Mike Rumsey (NHM) Enigmatic Minerals of the UK Abstract
21/08/2019 Members Evening Treasure Hunt around Northwood  
10/07/2019 Dr Tom Booth Cheddar Man Abstract
12/06/2019 Dr Lucia Perez-Diaz (Oxford) The ups and downs of the South Atlantic ocean - Abstract
08/05/2019 AGM - followed by DVD about the History of Blue John  
10/04/2019 Dr Jack Wright (Open Univ.) Planet Mercury: An Update from the Problem Child of the Solar System Abstract
13/03/2019 Nick Fay Trilobites, and their stony stare Abstract
13/02/2019 DVD The Sahara Abstract
09/01/2019 Dr Zoe Mildon (Plymouth) Earthquakes and active faults in central Italy Abstract
12/12/2018 Dr Jackie Skipper Geotechnical Consulting Group The Ruislip Bed and other stories - why the Lambeth Group is so interesting  
14/11/2018 Dr Douwe van der Meer Atlas of the Underworld: frontier exploration of the mantle to constrain palaeogeography & biogeography Abstract
10/10/2018 Lorraine Cornish (NHM)

Dippy and the Whale

12/09/2018 Sarah Brazier Etches Collection, Kimmeridge A Plethora of Plesiosaurs - Life in the Jurassic Sea - Introduction
08/08/2018 Members Evening Quiz Walk around Eastcote  
11/07/2018 Mike Howgate A Sceptical Look at the Dino-bird Controversy Abstract
13/06/2018 Prof. Heather Viles The Earth’s surface in the Anthropocene  
09/05/2018 AGM - followed by DVD about a Polish salt mine  
11/04/2018 Joan Waters The Thera of Everything - Santorini  
14/03/2018 Prof. David Pyle (Oxford) Volcanoes: past, present and future Introduction
14/02/2018 Prof. Robert Hall (Royal Holloway) Australia-SE Asia collision, the Wallace Line and Wallacea
10/01/2018 Sarah Day (Geological Society) Dinosaurs, monsters and myths: The challenges and opportunities of communicating Earth science Abstract
13/12/17 Dr Haydon Bailey Holostratigraphy of the Chalk of the North Sea Abstract
08/11/17 Adrian Rundle Microfossils  
11/10/17 Prof. Giles Harrison (Reading) Two hundred years since the “year without a summer” – global atmospheric effects of the Mount Tambora eruption Abstract
13/09/17 Dr Paul Taylor (NHM) A brief history of life in 10 fossils  
23/08/17 Members Evening Historical Walk around Ruislip  
12/07/17 John Horsley Geological Curiosities of Portugal -  
14/06/17 Dr Susannah Maidment (Brighton Uni) Latitudinal biodiversity gradients in deep time: a case study using dinosaurs of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, western USA
Link to synopsis
10/05/17 AGM followed by Film about the Troodos Geopark  
12/04/17 Prof. Chris Rhodes (Fresh-Lands Environmental Actions) What Do We Do When the Oil Runs Out?  
08/03/17 Dr Matt Balme (Open Uni) Water on Mars
Link to review
08/02/17 Dr David Brook OBE Geological hazards and disasters  
11/01/17 Natasha Almeida (NHM) Adding another dimension: the use of micro-computed tomography in the study of extraterrestrial material  
14/12/16 Poppy Harding UCL Siberian Ecosystem Responses to Abrupt Climate Change. Lessons from Lake Records Over the Late Quaternary  
09/11/16 Humphrey Knight (CRU International.) Antimony: critical metal mineral deposits in South West England  
12/10/16 Dr Penny Wozniakiewicz (Kent Univ) Studying Planetary impacts in the laboratory
Link to review
14/09/16 Dr Bryon Tabor The textures of peridotite rocks of sub-continental mantle origin
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10/08/16 Members Evening Historical Walk around Uxbridge.  
13/07/16 Lesley Dunlop (Northumbria Univ.) Chromite, tungsten and iron: Mineral deposits and mines in Portugal  
08/06/16 William Joyce (Birkbeck) The Geology of the Moon
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11/05/16 AGM + Talk by Sheppy Limestone
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13/04/16 John Henry The Beginning of Geological Mapping in England
Link to review
09/03/16 Prof Chris Jackson (Imperial) Salt of the Earth
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05/03/16 Spring Social Ickenham Village Hall
10/02/16 Dr Clive Edmonds (Peter Brett Associates) Geology of the HS2 route in the Chilterns and geoconservation concerns
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13/01/16 Dr Rebecca Bell (Imperial) Did the earth move for you? From great earthquakes to silent slip
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09/12/15 Prof. Rory Mortimore South Georgia to the South Downs
11/11/15 Graham Marett (SWHAS) The Origin of the Elements
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14/10/15 Robert Maurer Our Heritage - Stone Tools and Rock Art
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09/09/15 Penelope Wilson (Kingston Univ.) The intrusion 'space problem': a comparative case study of accommodation and deformation structures associated with the emplacement of the Maiden Creek and Trachyte Mesa intrusions, Henry Mountains, Utah
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12/08/15 Members Evening Walking through historic Pinner.
08/07/15 Bill George Volcanoes, tropical seas, glaciers and giants - the geology of the Essex coast
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10/06/15 Dr Philip Collins (Brunel) That sinking feeling: geology, people and subsidence
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13/05/15 AGM followed by Film about Parys Mountain, Anglesey
08/04/15 Bernard J Skillerne de Bristowe A journey through the centre of a mountain
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11/03/15 Dr Chris Brierley (UCL) Using past warm climates to inform us about our future world
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11/02/15 Prof Chris Stringer (NHM) The Origin of our Species
Link to review
14/01/15 Prof. Gina Barnes (SOAS) JADE its tectonic formation, geochemistry & archaeology in East Asia
Link to review
10/12/14 Dr Mark Sutton (Imperial) Virtual Palaeontology
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12/11/14 Dr David Brook Limestone mining in the Black Country - an industrial legacy
08/10/14 John Stanley What are Komatiites
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10/09/14 Dr Giles Miller (NHM) Searching for early fish in the Ordovician of Oman
13/08/14 Harrow DIY Building Stones Walk
09/07/14 Dr Alex Dickson    Oxford University Global warming events in Earth's history
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11/06/14 Prof. Heather Viles (OUCE) Rock breakdown in extreme environments: from Namibia to Mars
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14/05/14 AGM + Sheppy Meteorites
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09/04/14 Dr Renske Gelderloos Arctic Ocean Research
Link to review
12/03/14 Stephen Myers The Walbrook, the City of London’s River – Its Rise and Fall
Link to review
12/02/14 Adam Pacey What controls where volcanoes form? Insights from Indonesia
Link to review
08/01/14 Dr Doug Robinson (Bristol Univ) Naxos – geological evolution of a gneiss dome
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11/12/13 Dr Tony Grindrod Energy for the Future
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13/11/13 Mike Rumsey (NHM) New materials from nature: Finding new mineral species and the science behind discovery
09/10/13 Paul Logan (Heritage Oil) Kebabs, Carbonates and Baggy Trousers; Adventures of a Geologist in Kurdistan
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11/09/13 Dr Michael Doel Mineral Fluorescence
14/08/13 Members Evening Treasure Hunt in Ickenham.
10/07/13 Prof Tony Watts (Oxford University) Mountains in the Sea
Link to review
12/06/13 Prof Gina Barnes (SOAS Uni of London) Tectonic archaeology in Japan
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08/05/13 AGM + Film Williamson Tunnels
10/04/13 Dr Peter Grindrod (UCL) Exploring Mars: Curiosity, Water and Life
Link to review
13/03/13 Dr Dewi Lewis (UCL) Zeolites: from Tutankhamen to Mars in an hour
Link to REview
13/02/13 Dr Clare Warren (OU) Up the Down Escalator: formation and exhumation of high pressure rocks
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09/01/13 Dr Adrian Rundle (NHM) Unusual microfossils
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12/12/12 Graham Marrett The Big Bang and the Expanding Universe
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14/11/12 Dr Michele Paulatto (Oxford University) CAT scan of an active volcano: Three dimensional seismic tomography at Montserrat
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10/10/12 Anton Kearsley (NHM) How comets threaten satellites
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12/09/12 Dr David Brook OBE The Story of China Clay
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08/08/12 Members evening Walk around Horsenden Hill
11/07/12 Dr Brian Marker OBE Minerals and the countryside
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13/06/12 Prof. Danielle Schreve (Royal Holloway) Wolves and wildcats: surviving the end of the last Ice Age in Somerset
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09/05/12 AGM followed by Sheppy There's more to sand than you might think
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11/04/12 Dr Chris Carlon The Geology of the High Atacama, Northern Chile
Link to review
14/03/12 Leila Battison (Oxford University) Not just Sticks and Balls: A New Perspective on the Origin of Life on Land (a talk about the finding of fossil eukaryotic cells at Loch Torridon)
Link to review
08/02/12 Dr Jackie Skipper (Geotechnical Consulting Group) The Thames Tideway Project – or how to unpollute the Thames (again!)
Link to review
11/01/12 Di Clements The Geology of London
Link to review
14/12/2011 Roger Lloyd The Karst region of Yangshou, China
Link to review
09/11/2011 Dr Tina van de Flierdt (Imperial) Reconstructing the history of the Antarctic ice sheet. Clues from the past for the future
Link to review

John Stanley

Glyn Hatherall

Orcadian Basin then and now

Assynt and the Moine Thrust

Link to review

Link to review

14/09/2011 Dr Kieren Howard (NHM) Impact Cratering and Ejecta Deposits: Investigations in the Australian tektite strewn field and new insights from Darwin crater
Link to review
10/08/2011 Treasure Hunt Pinner - A great time was had by all.
13/07/2011 Dr Simon Boxall, National Oceanographic Centre, (Southampton Univ.) Cape Farewell - science, art and music in the high Arctic
Link to Review
08/06/2011 Jane Tubb (East Herts Geol Soc) 'Hertfordshire Puddingstone - some facts, some theories and some unanswered questions'
Link to review
11/05/2011 AGM + Bob Maurer Did climatic changes in Europe give rise to the Rock Carvings in North Africa ?
Link to review
13/04/2011 Revd Dr Timothy Astin (Reading Univ) Application of Geophysics to Archaeology (investigation of Hebridean islands)
Link to review
09/03/2011 Rob Sage (Veolia Water) The Hydrogeology of Hertfordshire
Link to review
09/02/2011 Dr Haydon Bayley Caring for the Chilterns – the role of the Geological Advisor
Link to review

Mike Cumming

Bryan Tabor

La Brea Tar Pit Museum

The Ochres of Roussillon and the Canyon of Verdon

Link to La Brea review

Link to Rousillon review

08/12/2010 Prof Mark Sephton (Imperial) Organic matter, meteorites and life in the Solar System


Dr Bernard J Skillerne de Bristowe

An Introduction to the Geology of Assynt

Link to Review
13/10/2010 Dr David Brook Tsunami: The Wave that Swallows People
Link to review


Ted Wheeler

The Evolution of Whales

Link to Review
11/08/2010 Treasure Hunt Harrow on the Hill
14/07/2010 Dr Tim Ewin (NHM) Scelidosaurus, the Dorset Dinosaur'
Link to review
09/06/2010 Prof. Andrew Fleet NHM Diamonds through time
Link to review
12/05/2010 AGM + Jo Crocker Glaciers and the Icesheet in Chile and Argentina
14/04/2010 Dr David Brook Aspects of Gypsum
Link to review
10/03/2010 Dr Jenny Collier (Imperial) Catastrophic Flooding: How Britain Became an Island
Link to review
10/02/2010 Dr Philip Collins, Brunel Earthquakes or ice? What do deformed Quaternary sediments really mean (and does it matter)?
13/01/2010   Cancelled due to bad weather
09/12/2009 Dr Reimar Seltmann (Head of CERCAMS at NHM) Giant Cu-Au deposits of Central Asia
11/11/2009 Prof Heather Viles (OUCE) Rapid, catastrophic weathering of limestones within the historic walls of Oxford (field trip)
14/10/2009 Steve Hirons (Birkbeck) From mud wrestling to metamorphism
09/09/2009 David Brook The Slippery Slopes - Landslides.
12/08/2009 Ken Kirkman Conducted tour around the surface of Pinner chalk Mine
08/07/2009 Dr David Smith (Brunel) Chandrayaan-1: Mineralogical Mapping of the Lunar Surface
10/06/2009 Charlie Underwood (Birkbeck) A geological traverse across eastern Morocco
Link to review
13/05/2009 AGM followed by Sheppy The Volcanoes of the Auvergne - Are they Extinct?
08/04/2009 Dr George Darling (BGS) Isotopes and Earth Systems: Cosmic Connections
Link to review
11/03/2009 Michael Cuming Oman: a geological treasure chest. A member reports
11/02/2009 Michael Hammett "Mind the Gap" - All about Mortar in Brickwork
14/01/2009 Dr. Steve Edwards - (UCL) Geological hazards in Papua New Guinea
10/12/2008 Prof Jim Rose (Royal Holloway) The Earliest Humans in Northern Europe
12/11/2008 Prof. John Cosgrove (Imperial) Geology of the Zagros Mountains of Iran
08/10/2008 Dr Michael de Freitas (Imperial College) Representing public concerns with tunnelling in urban areas; an example from Dublin
Ling to review
10/09/2008 James Ford Historical Brick-making in Reading, and its Implications on Chalk Mining Hazard
13/08/2008 Treasure Hunt Ruislip High Street, Church yard and Manor Farm estate.
09/07/2008 Dr Peter Grindrod (UCL) Volcanism on Venus
11/06/2008 Dr Angela Milner (NHM) Dino-Birds: How dinosaurs became birds
14/05/2008 AGM - Followed by Jo Crocker The Geology of Alaska and the Yukon
09/04/2008 Dr Mark Sutton 3D fossils: past, present and future
12/03/2008 Prof Frances Wall Ten Volcanoes
13/02/2008 Dr Bob Symes Minerals of Northern England – the 15 year old saga
09/01/2008 Dr Haydon Bailey The forensic use of microfossils
12/12/2007 Geoffrey Larminie Antarctica – continent for Science?
14/11/2007 Lorraine Cornish The work of the Palaeontolgy Conservation Unit at the Natural History Museum
Link to review
10/10/2007 Dr Ruth Siddall (UCL) The Geology of Paintings
12/09/2007 Bryan Cozens Israel and Jordan
08/08/2007 Jo Crocker Building Stones Walk around Pinner.
11/07/2007 Dr Ian Jarvis Deep-sea muds in the NE Atlantic: a 20 Myr record of major disasters
13/06/2007 Dr. Anton Kearsley Stardust: Minerals and the make-up of a comet
09/05/2007 AGM followed by Liz Binney Galapagos - in the footsteps of Darwin
11/04/2007 Dr Dave Waltham Lucky Planet
Link to Lucky Planet Revirw
14/03/2007 Dr Paul Craddock Mining in Antiquity
03/03/2007 This is on Saturday New Year Social
14/02/2007 Dr Dave Lowry Snowball Earth - a Scottish perspective through the 800-500 million year old Dalradian metasediments
10/01/2007 Dr Paul Taylor Fossil Symbioses
13/12/2006 Michael Hammett The historical development of British brick-making
Link to Review
Dr. David Alderton Mining and pollution in the Balkans
Link to Review
Diana Smith Flint - a diverse resource
Link to review
Dr Andrew Ross (NHM) Fossil Insects of the Benbridge Marls, Isle of Wight
Link to Review
Treasure Hunt Uxbridge - Note this is on Thursday. Meet outside the station at 6:45pm for a 7:00 prompt start.
Prof. Howard Colley Gold from Volcanoes
Link to eview
Ruth Weinburg (Brent GS) Geology of the South Island of New Zealand
Link to Review
AGM Followed by a talk by Mike Cuming about the summer 2005 North of Ireland trip.
Link to North of Ireland review
Dr. Andrew Shortland To the Mines of the Pharaohs
Link to Review
Dr. Steve Edwards Forget global warming and prepare for volcanic cooling
Dr. Chris Halls The Kaolin Resources of China
Link to review
New Year Social  
Dr. Anton Kearsley Catching and Analysing Micrometeoroids: The Composition and Mineralogy of dust in Space
Link to Micrometeoroid review
Sheppy Shepherd Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Dr. Michael De Freitas The Engineering Geology of Tunnels
Link to Review
Dr. George Darling Geothermal Exploration in the East African Rift Valley
Link to Geothermal Exploration
Dr. Frances Wall Carbonate volcanism
Link to Carbonate Volcanism review
Member's Evening Harrow Treasure Hunt (on foot). Meet 7pm at Harrow on the Hill Station, Greenhill Road Entrance. Maps will be provided. Parking is free after 6:30 pm.
Prof. John Clemens Granites and Granitic Magmas: Strange Phenomena and Some Recent Perspectives on Old Problems
Prof. Richard Selley Geological and climatic controls on British vineyards
Link to Review
AGM + Bob Maurer Mining for Rare Minerals in Mexico
Dr. Chris Green Reconstructing Rivers - pebble counting in the British quaternary
Link to Pebble Counting Review
David Lancaster Diamonds
Link to Diamonds Review
Dr John Boardman The Lake District: Landscape Evolution
Link to the Lake District Review
Dr. Daniela Schmidt The Ocean Drilling program: a Journey to the South Atlantic
Dr Geoffrey Larminie
A Geologist in the Arctic
Link to Geologist in the Arctic review
Bryan & Felicity Tabor
The Eysse Valley in Upper Ardeche
Link to Eysee Valley Review
Richard Fox The Quarrying Industry and Waste Disposal - A Personal View
Link to Quarrying Industry Review
Dr. Paul Taylor Fossil and Living Bryozoa
Link Bryozoa Review
Jo Crocker Geological Walk Around Uxbridge
Link to Uxbridge walk review
Dr. David Brook Minerals in Britain
Link to Minerals in Britain Review
Dr. Debra Croft Geoscience and Crime
Link to Geoscience and Crime Review
AGM + Mike Cumming Languedoc Revisited
Link to Languedoc Revisited Review
Dr. Danielle Schrieve The Life and Death of a Woolly Rhino: New Evidence from Whitmoor Haye, Staffordshire.
Link to Wooly Rhino Review
Prof. John Mather The Geology of Bottled Water
Link to Bottled Water Review
Graham Marrett Black Holes: At the Edge of Space and Time
Link to Black Holes Review
Dr. Mark Sutton The Worms that Turned: Reconstructing the Animals of the Herefordshire Lagerstätte
Link to the Worms that turned review
Dr. Adrian Rundle An Introduction to Microfossils with an Emphasis on Molluscs
Link Microfossils Review

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