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Eysee Valley

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The Eysse Valley in the Upper Ardèche

The Eysse Valley in the upper part of the Ardèche lies between Lyon and Avignon in southern France and is the region studied by Brian and Felicity to complete theses for their Masters degrees. The work presented, mainly by Brian, was of an exceptionally high standard accompanied by some very nice slides. The research took seven weeks spread over two summers, during which time the couple walked and mapped geologically an area of 34 km2.

The collection of data and their subsequent interpretation were very impressive. The absence of a projector meant the talk started late but Brian was able to still give the lecture in the requisite time. My only problem was that there was so much information that I would need a second bite of the cherry to fully appreciate everything they has achieved. The audience asked a lot of questions, another indication of both and interest and enjoyment.

It was a really nice piece of work and gave them two well-earned masters degrees.