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British Brick Making

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Lecture to the Harrow & Hillingdon Geological Society - Wednesday 13 December 2006


"The Historical Development of British Brickmaking"

This illustrated talk will cover the development of brickmaking in Britain from the mediaeval period to the present day. It will describe the many different types of clays used and their relevance to the many different techniques employed for forming bricks and firing them to produce the exceptional range of products that constitute British bricks.
Developments in manufacture will be set in an historical context and illustrated by buildings characteristic of contemporaneous architecture.


The speaker:

Michael Hammett is a retired architect and an experienced speaker on a wide range of matters relating to bricks and brick building. As senior architect at the Brick Development Association (which represents UK brick manufacturers) he was responsible for technical guidance on the design and construction of brick masonry. He is the author of several BDA publications, numerous articles in the technical press and a book on brickwork for self-build enthusiasts. He is an active member of the British Brick Society, a history and archaeology group.

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