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Granitic Magmas

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Photographs courtesy of Prof John Clemens

Pegmatite dyke
A pegmatite dyke in rapakivi rocks near Espoo, Finland (1999)
Tonalitic gneiss
Migmatites in tonalitic gneisses from the Barberton Mountain Land of South Africa (1999)
Cavernous weathering in Capo Cavallo granodiorite, near the coast of Corsica (1999)
The Monolith
"The Monolith", a granite column that was meant to have been erected in Ajaccio, with a statue of Napoleon on top of it, but was too big to remove from the quarry (Corsica) (1999)
Granite dykes
Composite granitic dykes with complex magma relationships, Punta di Vallitone, Corsica (1999)
Orbicular gabbro
A polished face of an orbicular gabbro, Santa-Lucia-di-Tallano, Corsica (1999)
Duntulm sill: Skye
The Duntulm sill (Skye), showing the strange layering (2000)
Comb layering
Comb layering in diorite from the Chelan "Migmatite" Complex, Washingston, USA (1992)
Hornblende crystals
Hollow hornblende crystals in a dioritic pegmatite from the same complex (1992)


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