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Join us at the Denham Country Park Visitors' Centre on Friday 26th July for a hands-on session about "Fossils and where to find them"

Wednesday August 14th Monthly Meeting
Members' Social: Walk the new Geotrail of Harrow Weald Common with afternoon tea enroute.

Wednesday September 11th Monthly Meeting
8pm Lecture on Zoom
Title: "Geoscience Communication and Protected Sites"
Speaker: Dr Saskia Elliott (Jurassic Coast Trust)
To attend as a visitor, please email: contact@hhgs.org.uk
Regular visitors will be asked to become members.
Lecture Details
Field Trip Programme
Register your interest now for trips including Caesar's Camp (Farnham) daytrip, Dorset (3 days, 29 Sept-1 Oct).
Field Trip Programme 2024
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Bob Maurer's theory about the Rotating Earth and Plate Tectonics continues to gain international recognition. Bob has been invited to give a keynote talk in Tabriz, Iran, at the 10th Conference on Tectonics and Structural Geology.
Maurer paper, Okayama University
Okayama University's Earth Science Reports has published : "A new insight into the driving mechanism for plate tectonics - the relationship between tectonic processes and the circumferential tensile forces associated with a rotating planet."
The paper, in collaboration with Prof. Shigeyuki Suzuki, challenges the current belief that convection currents in the mantle are driving plate tectonics. It provides an alternate, mathematically justified drive mechanism, summarised as the Maurer equation. This shows that the unbalanced rotation of the Earth results in circumferential stresses that are more than strong enough to drive the cyclic breakup and reassembly of the continental plates.
Contact Bob at :
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On 19th April 2024 we exposed a vertical section in a bank bordering the Harrow Weald geological SSSI. Prof David Bridgland is leading this HHGS research project investigating the local gravel, more details here.
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click for our Rock Show Online
Uxbridge Rock Show! 5 - 22 February 2024
Our annual event attracted more visitors than ever this year and we expanded our provision for local schools to visit.
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Formed in 1973, the Society's aim is to advance public appreciation of geology by observation, discussion, field studies, research, illustrated talks and exhibitions. Memberships embraces all age groups from 16 years upwards, regardless of gender or race, and includes those with widely diversified interests. We have a lively program of meetings held on the second Wednesday of each month. Exhibitions at locations throughout the London Boroughs of Harrow and Hillingdon, and elsewhere, give members an opportunity to display aspects of their particular interests and their collections. We also have a good field trip programme to suit all tastes.