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Previous Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Cavendish Pavilion, Field End Road, Eastcote. HA4 9PG (Map)

The talks start at 8:00 pm followed by any questions you may want to put to the speaker.

The evening finishes with coffee and informal conversation.

Programme for 2016

Speaker Title
08/06/16 William Joyce (Birkbeck) The Geology of the Moon
13/07/16 Lesley Dunlop (Northumbria Univ.) Chromite, tungsten and iron: Mineral deposits and mines in Portugal
10/08/16 Members Evening Historical Walk around Uxbridge
14/09/16 Dr Bryon Tabor The textures of peridotite rocks of sub-continental mantle origin
12/10/16 Dr Penny Wozniakiewicz (Kent Univ) Studying Planetary impacts in the laboratory
09/11/16 Humphrey Knight (Geol.Soc.)
Antimony: critical metal mineral deposits in South West England
14/12/16 Poppy Harding UCL Siberian Ecosystem Responses to Abrupt Climate Change. Lessons from Lake Records Over the Late Quaternary

Programme for 2017

Speaker Title
11/01/17 Natasha Almeida (NHM) Adding another dimension: the use of micro-computed tomography in the study of extraterrestrial material
08/02/17 TBA  
08/03/17 TBA  
12/04/17 TBA  
10/05/17 TBA  
14/06/17 Dr Susannah Maidment (Imperial) Latitudinal biodiversity gradients in deep time: a case study using dinosaurs of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, western USA
12/07/17 TBA  
09/08/17 TBA  
13/09/17 Dr Paul Taylor (NHM) A brief history of life in 10 fossils
11/10/17 TBA  
08/11/17 TBA  
13/12/17 TBA  


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