Guest Lectures
Invited speakers come to our Monthly Meetings to tell us about their own specialist knowledge, research and experience.
The links below take you to information from the speaker or a report of the talk for the topics listed.
Dr Lucia Perez Diaz
Highs and lows of the South Atlantic
Dr Matt Balme
Water on Mars
Dr Penny Wozniakiewicz
Studying planetary impacts in the laboratory
Dr Bryan Tabor
Textures of sub-continental mantle peridotite rocks
Clive Edmonds
Geology of the HS2 route through the Chilterns and the Colne Valley
Dr Douwe van der Meer
Atlas of the Underworld: frontier exploration of the mantle to constrain palaeogeography & biogeography
John Henry
The beginning of geological mapping in England
Prof Robert Hall
Australia-SE Asia collision, the Wallace Line and Wallacea
William Joyce
The Geology of the Moon
Dr Rebecca Bell
Did the earth move for you? From great earthquakes to silent slip
Dr David Brook
The slippery slopes – landslides
Prof Chris Jackson
Salt of the Earth
Graham Marett
The origin of the elements
Robert Maurer
Our Heritage- Stone Tools and Rock Art
Penelope Wilson
The intrusion space problem: a comparative study of accommodation and deformation structures
Bill George
Volcanoes, tropical seas, glaciers and elephants: geology of the Essex coast
Phil Collins
That sinking feeling: geology, people and subsidence
B J Skillerne de Bristowe
A journey through the core of a mountain
Dr Chris Brierley
Using past warm climates to inform us about our future world
Prof Chis Stringer
The origin of our species
Prof Gina Barnes
JADE: its tectonic formation, geochemistry, and archaeology in East Asia – in reverse order
Dr Mark Sutton
Virtual palaeontology and the Herefordshire lagerstätte
John Stanley
What are komatiites?
Prof Heather Viles
Rock breakdown in extreme environments: from Namibia to Mars